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Woman brings home a box: When husband sees what’s inside, he cries like a baby

man crying dog-wow
© Tessa Rampersad - Unsplash

A woman bought her grieving husband an extra special birthday gift. As you can see from his reaction, the surprise gift meant the whole world to him...

By Natasha James

Published on the 11/04/2021, 18:00

For this man from the USA, the loss of his beloved Labrador was devastating. The pup had been his companion and best friend for 11 years and the dog’s death, understandably, hit him hard.

His family sat by and watched him grieve for his beloved pal but when his birthday rolled around, they decided it was time to act.

A very special blue box

On the man’s birthday, his wife brings home a very special gift. She's made the decision to buy him a yellow Labrador puppy and wraps it in a large, ribbon-tied box.

When she brings it into the kitchen he's a little hesitant to open the box at first. But, after some gentle encouragement, curiosity wins out. He opens the box and takes a pause for a second as emotion overcomes him. He’s left speechless by the gift and begins to sob as he cradles the tiny Labrador.

His wife says, 

"It's been a long time. It's time to move on" 

...while the couple's son can hardly believe that a new puppy has arrived in the house!

The importance of responsible pet ownership

Here, at Wamiz, we don’t usually advocate giving a pet as a gift. Pet ownership is a big responsibility and potential owners should have the time to think about their decision. But, on this occasion, the man is clearly a huge dog lover and just needed that extra nudge to give another pup their forever home.

Watch the emotional video here:

Surprise Puppy for Hubby

"We lost our 11-year-old lab in May 2020. Hubby's been wanting another one for a while. So I made it happen!" 🥰🐶💗

Posted by ViralHog on Friday, February 26, 2021