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Man is browsing property ads, then a detail in one photo leaves him speechless

Cat lying on bed cat-wow
© Michael Hubank - Twitter

A man found out his cat was living a double life after looking up a neighbour's house on property website Zoopla. A pic showed the kitty snoozing on his neighbour's bed!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 09/04/2021, 18:00

When Michael Hubank saw that his neighbours' house was up for sale, he decided to do some research. Interested in local property valuations, he found the house on Zoopla. 

But as Michael scrolled through the pictures, something else caught his eye. It was a ginger cat spread out on one of the beds. The cat looked right at home, as if he'd lived there forever.

"That's my cat!"

But the neighbour didn't have a cat. Michael did. And it was ginger. And it would often climb over the next door neighbour's fence! 

Michael thought his cat Freddy was getting nothing more than a quick stroke and the odd saucer of milk from the neighbours. Instead, cheeky little Freddy was treating their house as his second home. And the bed in the picture is Freddy's favourite place for an afternoon nap!

"The neighbours put their house for sale. Couldn't resist checking it out on Zoopla," posted Michael on social media. "That's our bloody cat. The cheeky thing looks like he owns the place!"

And this isn't the only other place Freddy calls home. After the pic went viral, several other neighbours confessed to taking in Freddy for a few hours every week.

One cat, many names

They've even got their own names for him. One calls him Tibby, while another person named the furry visitor Leo. Michael has another word to describe this attention-seeking kitten - 'shameless!' 

But no matter where he spends his days, Freddy always comes back to his real home at night! And that's what matters the most!