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Cat won’t let anyone near her sick kitten, but amazing volunteer finds a way

Cat and her kitten cat-happy
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A cat and her precious kitten are now living their best lives thanks to the amazing work of a volunteer who dedicates all her free time to helping rescue felines!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 10/04/2021, 19:00

Ashley Morrison is the founder of Ashley's Kitten Academy, a volunteer-run rescue centre for cats and kittens. And last month she took in a pair of furballs who will always be a 2-for-1 package - long-haired tabby cat Scarlet and her kitten called Scout.

The adorable mum & son duo were living rough for months, and life on the streets had clearly taken its toll. Little Scout was dangerously underweight, and Scarlet was in desperate need of medical attention. She was covered in fleas and had a suspicious lump on the side of her belly.

A new start for Scarlet and Scout

Thankfully, vets could treat Scarlet's physical issues. But Ashley had a much tougher job on her paws. She had to earn Scarlet's trust, especially around the most precious she had - her baby Scout.

"It's not often I get a mom with one baby," said Ashley. "Scarlet was very nervous and scared at first, but after a few days and lots of love, she began to relax and even started purring."

And because she was safe, Scarlet could get on with the important job of being a mum!


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Scarlet now spends every waking minute dedicated to raising and caring for her mini-me, and that love is having a wonderful effect on Scout. 

A package deal

The former skinny kitty is putting on a healthy amount of weight every week and is learning how to play, chase, and be the best cat he can be! 

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The pair will stay with Ashley for the time being, but she thinks they'll be ready for adoption in a few months. But wherever Scout and Scarlet do go, they'll be going there together. There's no way anyone could split this pair up!


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