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Watch: Boy collects package, when he sees what it is, he bursts into tears

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When a young boy called Liam goes to pick up a mysterious package, he has no idea that what he's about to collect will end his weeks of heartbreak and anguish.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 08/04/2021, 18:00

Animal lover Liam is devoted to his little kitten Franky. The pair are inseparable, spending as much time as possible cuddling and playing together.

But then, one day, little Franky went missing, and Liam was left heartbroken.

Find Franky!

Rachelle Vaughn, Liam's mum, could see how upset her son was, so she searched everywhere she could think of for the missing kitten. She contacted shelters, trawled through Facebook groups and put up posters in her local area. But despite all her efforts, nothing worked. It seemed that Franky had utterly disappeared.

But just as she'd almost given hope of ever seeing little Franky again, she got some good news.

Five weeks after Franky had gone missing, Rachelle came across some photos posted on Facebook where someone was trying to find the owner of a missing cat. It was Franky! 

It turned out the wandering feline was only in the next street from Rachelle and Liam. A neighbour took the kitten in to keep him safe until Rachelle could collect him. The relieved mum decided to keep it as a surprise for her son. Liam still had no idea that his kitten was found.

Wonderful surprise

Rachelle told Liam that she had to pop over to a neighbour's house to collect an Amazon parcel delivered to the wrong address. Completely unaware, Liam accompanied his mum to the neighbour's house and went inside to collect the parcel.

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As Liam went into the neighbour's house, he couldn't believe his eyes. The package he was collecting was Franky. The boy was stunned and immediately burst into tears.

Franky was still a little dazed after his adventures, but there was no doubt that he recognised his best friend and was very happy to be back with his family. A delighted Liam took Franky home, and it was as if he'd never left. He settled back in straight away and won't let his family out of his sight, especially Liam. 

Watch the incredibly emotional moment when Liam reunites with his beloved Franky: