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Jack Russell's reaction to seeing baby sister trying to crawl will make your day

baby and jack russell dog-happy
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A cute video shows the moment when a loving pup showed his baby human sister how to crawl. It's the kind of content guaranteed to put a smile on every dog-lover's face!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 09/04/2021, 21:00

Buddy the Jack Russell Terrier loved being the only baby in his family. It meant he got all the cuddles and strokes he wanted and never had to share his pooch-parents with anyone else.

And then things changed. Buddy's dog mum gave birth to a baby girl called Allie, and the pampered pooch had to start waiting in line for his usual cuddles. So how did he react?

Buddy loves being the big brother

Well, Buddy didn't care! Because he was too busy falling in love with his new baby sister. He followed her everywhere, made sure she was always safe, and even started teaching Allie a few important life lessons, including how to crawl.

A cute video posted by the pair's mum, Valerie Stevens-Scott, shows how the first lesson went. Little Allie does her best to crawl forward. But despite flapping her arms and legs like a champion, she hasn't quite got the hang of this crawling business.

Buddy circles behind his sister and gives her an encouraging little nudge. But Allie stays rooted to the spot. So Buddy takes a different approach.

This is how you do it!

The super-smart pooch spreads himself out next to his sister, gives her a look that says 'this is how you do it,' and then starts crawling across the carpet. 

Allie looks mesmerized by Buddy as he swiftly moves past her. Then Allie looks like she's about to set off after him, but the video ends.

The clip has over 19million likes on Twitter and Buddy got lots of praise for being such an excellent teacher. We just can't wait to see how the rest of the lessons go!