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Woman adopts rescue cat who was ignored for months because her face was "ugly"

grey cat stretching next to window cat-happy
© Carlos G. Lopez - Shutterstock

After a tricky start in life, a sad little kitty who was overlooked by potential adopters on account of her unusual looks has finally found her forever home.

By Natasha James

Published on the 07/04/2021, 20:00

We like to hope that most pet owners do their research and prepare before bringing home a pet but sadly plenty of animals are returned to shelters every year.

One such cat was little grey kitty, Bean. Little Bean doesn’t look like the other cats. She has a flat face and downturned lips which shelter workers claimed made other potential owners turn away. 

No one wanted this "ugly" cat

But then, along came Francisca Franken.

Long-time cat lover Francisa immediately fell in love with the little moggy after seeing her picture on a rescue organisation’s website.

Little Bean had been found in a trailer park with numerous health conditions, she was also described as “feisty”. 

Thankfully, nothing could put Francisca off and at her first meeting with little Bean, she cried because she loved her so much! The shelter workers saw the strength of the bond and allowed Fracisca to take her home that day.

Making herself right at home

Little Bean immediately made herself at home, choosing to sleep on Francisca’s bed on day one, where she has stayed ever since.

Bean now has her own Instagram account if you want to follow her exploits.

We’re so glad Bean and Francisca found and each other and for what it’s worth – we think Bean is absolutely beautiful.