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Rescue saves a stray dog: Staff is amazed by what the microchip reveals

beligian malinois cross standing next to man dog-happy
© Grisha Bruev - Shutterstock

Staff at the rescue were not expecting Filou to be microchipped, let alone that the chip would contain such incredible information!

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 05/04/2021, 18:00

Filou is a Belgian Malinois cross who was, at the beginning of the year, living in the streets. The pup was reported by many citizens of the village he was roaming around in, so a rescue group soon got involved.

It was not an easy feat getting him to cooperate: poor Filou was very scared. But after some patience (and lots of treats), shelter staff were finally able to put him on a lead and take him back to the rescue.

Microchip reveals unbelievable contact number

The first thing vets did at the shelter was to health-check Filou. During the check-up, to their surprise, they realised that Filou had a microchip. The chip contained a telephone number and address of a man who lived in Arcachon – a town 450 km away! 

At first, rescuers believed it may have been an old chip that had not been updated, that this dog no longer belonged to this person. After all, how could he have gotten so far?

The happiest of endings

But against all odds, when the man picked up the phone, he was over the moon to find out that his beloved dog had been found and rescued! He explained to the shelter that Filou had run out of his car 14 months ago, when they were stopped at a rest stop on the freeway.

The pair were finally reunited and couldn’t be happier. Lesson learned: never give up hope and ALWAYS microchip your pets!