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Unicorn plushie stolen from store: Staff in shock when they see the culprit

Stuffed purple unicorn toy dog-happy
© Duplin County Animal Services - Facebook

A thief should never be rewarded for their wrongdoings, but when the culprit is as adorable as Sisu it’s not surprising that officers decided to bend the rules.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 30/03/2021, 18:00

We are always told that crime doesn’t pay, but it seems that in the case of Sisu, it certainly does. But we aren’t talking about a hardened criminal here.

Sisu is a lovely stray dog from North Carolina who has gone from a lonely stray thief to an internet star with a home he can call his own.

Unicorn love

It all started because of a purple unicorn. Sisu, a Labrador mix, was so desperate to get his paws on the soft toy that he raided a Dollar General store five times on a quest to dognap the stuffed unicorn. 

Staff at the store could no longer turn a blind eye to one-year-old Sisu’s thievery so decided to call in the authorities in the form of Duplin County Animal Control.

But while they may have had the pup bang to rights, animal control officers didn’t want him to leave the shop empty-pawed. Especially after all the effort he’d gone to. So the kind-hearted officer decided to buy the toy for Sisu, so he could finally have a purple unicorn that’s all his own.

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Happy ending for Sisu (and unicorn)

Once Sisu had been taken to the county animal shelter, animal control officers shared pictures of the happy pup with his new friend and most prized possession. Sisu’s story soon went viral and the wonderful news is that Sisu and his beloved purple unicorn were both adopted together the very next day. 

Fortunately, Dollar General doesn’t hold any grudges towards the former four-legged bandit. In fact, they plan to donate pet food to Duplin County Animal Services to thank them for helping him and they even want to make sure that Sisu has an ample supply of purple unicorns when he moves in with his forever family.

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