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French and American veterinarians join the Covid fight - will UK be next?

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With Covid-19 refusing to go away and cases rising once more on mainland Europe (with the UK thought likely to follow), French vets have a new role in the fight to end the pandemic.

By Natasha James

Published on the 29/03/2021, 18:00, Updated on the 23/06/2021, 16:01

They give our furry friends’ their earliest jabs and care for them in the event of accidents, illnesses and more – we’re already grateful to vets for all that they do but their new role is likely to make us even more appreciative.

The world is racing to vaccinate its citizens in a bid to say goodbye to Covid-19 once and for all. But, as we know by now, a vaccination drive this size has never been seen before and health bodies are having to get creative.

French vets to join the vaccination drive

The French health body HAS has announced that, along with dentists, vets have been given the go ahead to carry out Covid vaccinations.

The US have similar measures in place and have also included optometrists, midwives, podiatrists and more to carry out the procedure.

The UK to follow suit?

As yet, there are no plans for UK vets to be given the same role. 

With a third vaccine having been approved and more doses of the vaccine reaching our shores, it could be a case of all hands on deck if the government are to reach their target of vaccinating the entire adult population by the end of July.

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