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Vet caring for sick cow suddenly sees something in the snow and starts running

Young girl carrying dog on back in snow dog-wow
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Dog owners will do anything for their canine companions, especially when they are sick. But one little girl has surprised everyone with her determination to help her dog.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 02/04/2021, 21:00

Ogün Öztürk is a vet in Turkey, and he was recently visiting a village farm to treat a cow. As he was getting ready to leave the village, the vet suddenly spotted something strange in the distance.

Little did he know that this sighting would turn his routine visit to the village into something a little unusual.

Surprise patient 

As he looked over, Ogün could see something trudging along in the thick snow. As they got closer, he realised it was a young girl, and she was carrying something on her back.

It was a little dog wrapped in a blanket.

The girl was 8-year-old Cemre Su Türköz, and she had heard that a vet was visiting the village. Cemre was determined not to miss out on the chance for a vet to take a look at Pamuk, her beloved pup.


Ordu'nun İkizce ilçesine bağlı Düzpelit köyünde 9 yaşındaki Cemre Su Türköz, rahatsızlanan köpeğini sırtında taşıyıp,...

Posted by Orduda Haber on Thursday, February 25, 2021

You see, little Pamuk had fallen in, and Cemre was so worried about him she was desperate to get the dog checked over by a vet. The young girl had wrapped up the pup and carried him on her back for over a mile to where she'd heard Ogün was likely to be.

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Ogün was taken aback when he realised the lengths Cemre had gone to so that the vet could take a look at her dog.

Being the kind-hearted animal lover that he is, there was no way Ogün wasn't going to try to help the poorly pup.

Back on his paws

After a check-up, Ogün reassured the worried Cemre that her dog's sickness wasn't too severe.  Her canine companion had some minor skin problems that made him feel uncomfortable. Fortunately, with Ogün's help, the problem could be easily treated.

Cemre was thrilled to hear her dog would be fine. Thanks to Ogün, Pamuk is back to enjoying life again. 

Ogün has even been back to the village to catch up with Cemre and Pamuk. He wants to make sure the young girl never has to brave the snow again to get veterinary help. The vet was so impressed to see how devoted Cemre was to getting help for her pup and that someone so young will go to such lengths to help an animal. He hopes that other people will follow her example.