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Passerby spots something hiding in rocks, and a frantic rescue operation begins

Rocks cat-wow
© Jason Leung - Unsplash

A passerby in Brisbane saw their day take an unexpected turn when they spotted something hiding in some rocks that would desperately need their help.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 03/04/2021, 21:00

The Good Samaritan was going about their day when they suddenly noticed something small and ginger run desperately across a roundabout and into a cluster of rocks by a creek. 

As the person gets closer, they realise that it's a tiny kitten hiding in the rocks and won't come out.

A desperate plea for help!

The kind-hearted stranger knew that they had to do something to help the kitten and get them out of the rocks. So they took to Facebook and posted a message asking for help to get the tiny kitten out.

Fortunately, their post was read by a vet nurse who also volunteers for a cat rescue shelter in Brisbane called Best Friends Felines. She immediately dropped everything and rushed to help get the kitten out. It wasn't an easy task by any means, but eventually, thanks to a lot of patience and determination, the lady was able to get the kitten out.

But while the ginger kitten may have been out of the rocks, he wasn't in great shape. He was all alone, frightened and starving. The tiny kitten was covered in fleas and weighed just 225 grams. It was thought that he was probably around six weeks old, but he was so malnourished he was less than half the size he should have been.

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Shelter volunteers painstakingly searched the rocks and surrounding area but could not find a mother cat or any siblings.

Small but with the heart of a lion

Back at the cat shelter, staff named the kitten Mufasa and found him a foster home where he could recuperate. 

Every day, Mufasa goes to work with his foster carer, a vet nurse and thrives on the round-the-clock care and attention he receives. He loves being carried around while wrapped up in a cosy blanket and taking rides around the office. 

Mufasa is also proving to be a little fighter. In just one week, the kitten put on 100 grams. While he was once scared of humans, Mufasa now loves people's company and has transformed into a real love-bug. He loves to be stroked, cuddled and even groomed with a toothbrush.

He will curl up in his kitten sling when it's nap time and supervise the front desk. Mufasa still has a way to go before he's at his full fighting weight, but every day he's getting stronger and stronger, and his playful personality has started to emerge.

Without the kindness of that Good Samaritan, it's unlikely that Mufasa would have survived. But now, the adorable kitten can look forward to a bright future (and hopefully more time in his snuggly sling).