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Stolen dog's reaction to being reunited with owner will make you sob

Woman holds Maltipoo dog dog-happy
© Karen Harding - Facebook

A spate of dog thefts have taken place across the nation in recent months but this tear-jerking video shows that happy endings do exist.

By Natasha James

Published on the 24/03/2021, 20:00

Melina Georgiou is the proud owner of one-year-old Maltipoo dog, Nala.

Trying to do the best for her pup, Melina hired a local dog walker to ensure that Nala had plenty of walks during her workdays but horror struck when her pup was stolen from the back of the dog walker’s van.

The long search

A distraught Melina spent weeks searching and even launched a Facebook appeal.

The appeal caught the nation’s attention and her post had 11,000 shares on Facebook with hundreds more on Twitter and Instagram. She also received numerous messages of support. She wrote,

“'It’s been a horrible day but everyone’s local support has been a beautiful thing.”

The happiest of endings

But, this sad story has a very happy ending as Nala was found safe and well and has now been reunited with Melina.

Thankfully for us, the moment was captured on video!

The tear-jerking footage shows the little fluffy dog wagging her tail uncontrollably and trying to get as close as she can to her owner in order to give her lots of affectionate licks. Melina is equally as excited and sobs as she cradles her furry girl!

We’re absolutely delighted that the pair have been reunited and wish them all the very best. Watch the emotional reunion here:



Posted by Candice Collyer on Saturday, March 20, 2021
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