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Family takes drastic action to save kitten born without genitals

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A family launched a successful fundraising campaign to cover the cost of a surgical procedure that will give a special kitty called Harry the best possible chance in life.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 21/03/2021, 19:00

It didn't take long for the Heal family to realise that Harry was a little different from his brother and sisters. And that's because this kitty was born with no defining genitals, meaning nobody really knows if Harry is a boy or a girl. 

Instead, Harry has a tiny hole at the back end for taking care of business. Unfortunately, this increases the chances of contracting a severe infection and could lead to some serious health problems in the future.

Harry's family wouldn't give up

The first vets that saw Harry said there was nothing they could do. They advised putting Harry down. But the Heal family refused to give up. Harry was part of the pack. And although Harry isn't like all the other cats, this kitty still has a right to live the best possible life. 

"The vets just wrote him off," said 21-year-old Lauren Heal. "But we see him everyday day and he seems fine. I want to do everything in my power to be able to help him. He's a playful, loving kitten – he deserves better."

The next vet was far more sympathetic. She suggested an operation that would help Harry live a little easier and reduce the chances of long term health issues. 

Hope for Harry!

The Heals were delighted. But there was just one problem: the cost. Including scans and aftercare, the entire procedure is over £1,000! 

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So Lauren set up a Hope for Harry fundraising page. The fund quickly gained followers, and together they've raised over £2,000 for Harry's operation. It means Harry can get the life-changing operation soon. 

And the Heal family have promised to donate any money left over to help other cats like Harry.

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