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Dog sold for a whopping £27,000 because of her incredible talent

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A Border Collie named Kim became the world's most expensive sheepdog after she was sold for a record-breaking £27,000 via an online auction earlier this year.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 29/03/2021, 18:00, Updated on the 23/06/2021, 16:01

12-month-old Kim smashed the previous record held by Border Collie Henna. She sold for 'just' £20,000. The average price for a working sheepdog is £2,000. 

Dewi Jenkins of Talybont, Wales, taught Kim everything she knows. Mr Jenkins is a working farmer who trains sheepdogs in his spare time. And as soon as Dewi met Kim, he realised he had a very special pup on his hands.

A natural-born sheepdog

In addition to her rare and beautiful reddish coat, Kim displayed exceptional intelligence from an early age. After her first few weeks of training, she could do things that would take other sheepdogs years to learn.

Speaking BBC News, Mr Jenkins said:

"Everything I trained her to do, she knew by the second time. She was a very fast learner. By the time she was one year old, she was doing everything - she worked cattle and sheep, she was ready for any trials or farm work for anybody."

Jenkins was tempted to hold onto such an intelligent dog. But Kim went to a good home and is now showing off her amazing skills every day. Plus, Kim's old trainer is first in line if she ever has puppies.

Searching for the next Kim

In the meantime, Jenkins continues to train sheepdogs on his days off. But it will probably be a very long time before he comes across another dog like Kim.