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Kristen Bell shares snap of new three-legged member of the family

Close up of Kristen Bell wearing hat dog-happy
© kristenanniebell - Instagram

Actress and dog lover Kristen Bell has revealed she has added a new member to her family pack, but this cutie doesn’t have two legs or even four legs…

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 20/03/2021, 20:00

Hollywood actress Kristen Bell has two daughters and a dog called Frank, who she shares with her husband Dax Shepard.

But she recently decided it was time to extend her family and welcome someone new into her pack.

Meet Whiskey

You've guessed it! The newest addition to Kristen’s family has a waggy tail, but this time they don’t have four legs. Whiskey, Kristen’s new fluffy rescue pup, only has three legs.

The adorable brown terrier-mix lost a hind leg after getting hit by a truck. As she introduced her new canine companion to the world via her Instagram,

the Frozen star commented: "who needs four legs anyway?"

Happy pup

And only having three legs doesn’t seem to be holding Whiskey back or stopping him from living his best life. 

Kristen wrote: "He and dog Brother Frank share my lap (see photo evidence), the girls adore him and Dad lovingly tolerates him. No more truck stops for you, buddy. Welcome home."

Kristen is well-known for being a big dog lover and has been a huge supporter of animal rescue charities.

She regularly fosters pups in her home before they are found forever homes. However, it seems that Whiskey was destined to stay.

Frank is already a firm favourite on Kristen’s Instagram, but it looks like he’ll have to share the limelight with his new canine brother.

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