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Woman walks in on her husband and cannot believe what he's doing with the cat

Cat relaxes with cucumber over eyes dog-happy
© BK666 - Shutterstock

Lockdown life can be pretty stressful and we’re all looking for more ways to relax. This kitty is channelling some serious spa vibes and we’re here for it.

By Natasha James

Published on the 19/03/2021, 19:00

Spas may be closed but as this viral video shows, we can always recreate them at home.

Fifi Furrha and her husband run an Instagram account for their three cats, Skye, Chase and Millie. She recently uploaded a hilarious video that has really struck a chord with spa lovers worldwide.

A spa with a difference

The clip starts with serene spa music and we see Chase the cat and owner Kareem (Fifi’s husband) lying under towels with cucumbers over their eyes.

Fifi asks her husband what he’s doing to which her husband simply responds, “spa day”. Frustratedly, she stops the spa music and removes the cucumber from the cat’s eyes but Chase the cat is not happy!

Chase bats her hand away while her husband insists, “He doesn’t want to go with you”.

An online hit

The sweet clip ends with Fifi placing the cucumber slices back over the cat’s eyes, readjusting the blanket and leaving the pair to enjoy their spa day in peace.

The funny clip has currently been viewed over 18 million times. So, whether you love cats, you are desperate for a spa day yourself or you just want a bit of a laugh, this clip is sure to make you smile.