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WATCH: Orphaned kitten finds the most unlikely soulmate

Ginger kitten and Tabby kitten cat-happy
© Kanga Roo - Facebook

When two orphaned kittens are found separately, all each feline wants is a furever friend. Fortunately, it's not long before they meet their purrfect pal.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 24/03/2021, 21:00

The world is a big and scary place, especially if you are a tiny orphaned kitten with no one left in the world. Two adorable little kittens in California, know exactly how that feels. 

Desperate for a friend, both little kitties would soon have their dreams come true.

Wanted: A little feline friend

Her rescuers gave her the name Sunshine, but life hasn't always been bright for the little brown tabby. Sunshine was discovered with her paw caught in a mousetrap and brought to Saving Grace Rescue in San Francisco. It didn't take long before the little fluff ball was back on her feet, but she would often be spotted cuddling up to a toy or would curl up in her foster parents' lap. It was clear that little Sunshine was desperate for a friend. 

A few days later, Saving Grace Rescue took in another little orphan. This time it was a three-week-old kitten with an injured tail. The tiny ginger kitten called Cheddar was very vocal, but he also seemed anxious. Sunshine's foster mum took over Cheddar's care to help him get better.

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Purrfect match

When the time came to introduce the pair, it was love at first sight. Cheddar may have been smaller than Sunshine, but that didn't deter him from kneading her as he happily purred away. To anyone watching, it was as if the duo had always been friends. They slept and played together and even shared each other's food. As Cheddar slowly started to get bigger and stronger, Sunshine took on the role of big sister. Sunshine egged on her little brother to try new things, even supporting him as he bravely took his first steps on the stairs.

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After weeks in their foster home, the two surrogate siblings had their dream come true when a family asked to adopt them together. While their new owners gave the pair new names, Mikan and Jima, the kittens also gained a new sibling. The family's dog, Panko. They all hit it off straight away, and now the trio are the best of friends. 

The kittens may have grown up, but they are still as inseparable as always.