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When little boy falls ill, his dogs do something incredible for him

Young boy looks at two pitbull dogs dog-happy
© Bryan Junior - Facebook

Riddick the dog didn’t have the best start to life but his luck took a turn for the better and he now has a new home and a baby brother who can’t live without him.

By Natasha James

Published on the 22/03/2021, 18:00

Back in 2015, Riddick the dog was callously thrown from a moving vehicle by his then owners.

Thankfully, he was rescued by animal shelter workers who helped him to heal before finding him a forever home with Bryan Junior, his wife and their other dog, Cambria.

Riddick settled in immediately and loved family life. But, things were about to get even better for Riddick as the couple had a baby boy, Dawson, who would become his best friend (as well as his baby brother).

The strongest of bonds

The bond was almost immediate and Riddick would run to Dawson whenever he cried and sit with his owners as they read him bedtime stories.

And the love is very much mutual as Dawson loves his puppy pals. According to his owners, Dawson climbs over, cuddles and plays with the pups whenever he gets the chance.

Poor little Dawson recently contracted a nasty case of the flu and didn’t want to be hugged or held by anyone – except Riddick!

A protecting pooch

Riddick, as is so often the case with dogs, seemed to know that the little boy was ill so stayed by his side and lay perfectly still when the tot fell asleep on him.

We’re glad to report that Dawson is now back to his rambunctious self and Riddick is playing by his side.

We love the bond that children can make with dogs!

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