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Clever dog has learnt great new skill to assist owner in the lab

A Golden retriever wears googles and a lab coat dog-wow
© sampson_dog - Twitter

Sniffer dogs. Guide dogs. Mobility assistance dogs. There are all sorts of pups out there who are working hard and doing a great job for their humans. This pooch is one of the best.

By Natasha James

Published on the 20/03/2021, 19:00

Sampson the service dog is an adorable Golden Retriever who has always been around to help his owner with her mobility issues but now he’s learned a new trick to help her with her work too.

Sampson’s owner Joey Ramp is a neuroscientist. Back in 2006 she suffered a serious horse riding accident which meant she needed a service dog to help her with daily life.

And that includes her work.

To boldly go where no dog's gone before

Before Sampson, no dog had ever been allowed inside the lab at the University of Illinois where Joey works. There were strict rules on PPE which prevented a dog from being allowed outside.

But Sampson is no ordinary dog and has learned to wear PPE in order to help his owner do her important job.

The adorable pictures and videos that have been shared to Sampson’s very own Twitter account show Sampson in goggles, a lab coat and special protective booties.

A happy pup

Sampson has been trained to wear the protective equipment and seems very happy to do so. 

The goggles he wears were designed for military dogs and the boots and coat protect him and keep him safe.

Sampson, you’re a star!