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Woman brings injured fox home and her dog's reaction stuns everyone

baby fox in forest dog-happy
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It's only March, but we've already got a contender for cutest story of 2021. This adorable tale is about two special little furballs who can't live without each other!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 11/03/2021, 18:00

Meet Jack, a West Highland White Terrier who doesn't let anything get in the way of living his best dog life. The little fighter was diagnosed with a spinal tumour a few years ago, so now he uses a specially designed wheelchair to scamper around.

And then we've got Pumpkin, a blind fox who needs a little bit more help than most of her furry counterparts. 

A real-life Disney friendship

This pair met when Jack's dog-mum, veterinary surgeon Ana, decided to offer Pumpkin a home after she was found in a park with two broken legs.

At first, big-hearted Ana was unsure how a blind fox and a disabled terrier would get along. After all, these friendships only happen in Disney movies. 

But not anymore. These two hit it off straight away. The unlikely best friends love nothing more than snuggling and walkies in the park, where Jack assumes guide dog duties to make sure Pumpkin never gets left behind.

And he looks after his fur sister in other ways, too.

"Jack feels a responsibility to look after Pumpkin," said Ana in an interview with The Sun. "If another dog goes for Pumpkin or tries to smell her, Jack defends her. He's even got between a cat and Pumpkin, then told the cat off!"

Their relationship isn't perfect. Like any brother and sister, they sometimes get on each others nerves. And  Pumpkin is always seeing how far she can push her big brother.

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But you know it's all love between these two. Because whatever happens, every day ends with a cuddle.  

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