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Labradoodle puppies: 5 lovely pups that you just have to see

Labradoodle puppy looking at camera dog-happy
© joshborup - Pixabay

A Labradoodle puppy, there’s so much to love! These adorable furballs are one of the UK’s favourite dog breeds. Check out these five lovely Labradoodles to see why.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 20/03/2021, 21:00

Labradoodles, what could possibly be more adorable? Labradoodle puppies of course! These bundles of fluff are more than just cute. They are also highly intelligent, easy to train, very friendly and devoted to their families. Doesn’t that just sound pawfect!

Here are five lovely Labradoodle puppies you are certain to fall in love with.

1. This Labradoodle puppy needs a tummy tickle

Try to resist the urge to dive into this photo to give this chap a big tickle on the tummy. Labradoodle puppies are very friendly and playful so we are sure he wouldn’t mind!

2. This adorable Labradoodle pup looks more like a teddy than a doggy

There’s definitely a little sparkle in those gorgeous eyes that says cheeky ‘doodle puppy.

3. This Labradoodle pup wants to show you its playful side


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They just haven’t quite mastered how to use the playground equipment yet!

4. This little Labradoodle puppy makes a very stylish companion


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How on earth could you resist these devastating good looks!

5. These Labradoodle puppies are the cutest nappers

Although one particular pup seems to be too much of a fidget bum to sleep.

Can’t resist the cuteness of these Labradoodle puppies? Find out more about the lovely Labradoodle breed.

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