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Adorable rescue cat wears glasses for the most incredible reason

Adorable rescue cat wears glasses for the most incredible reason cat-happy
© Truffles the kitty - Facebook

We all know that working dogs are courageous, noble animals but what about working cats? This little moggy has a new job and it’s the sweetest thing we’ve seen today…

By Natasha James

Published on the 13/03/2021, 19:00

If you’re a glasses wearer then cast your mind back to your very first pair of glasses. Remember them?

For a young child with poor eyesight or a vision disorder, getting glasses for the first time can be a little daunting.

The sweetest support kitty

But, an optician in Pennsylvania has had the best idea for putting kiddies’ minds at ease, she’s employed the services of a very special rescue cat.

Make your way to A Child’s Eyes opticians and you’ll meet Truffles the cat. At first glance, Truffles is just like any other black and white kitty but she has a superpower...Truffles has actually been “working” at the optician for 5 years and sports her own line of colourful glasses and eye patches!

Confidence and support

While this may seem like a sweet gimmick, optician Danielle Crull, has trained Truffles to wear glasses and an eye patch for a very important reason. She says that Truffles is giving confidence to children who have eye and sight problems.

She wrote on her Facebook page,

“One of the best reminders for those that face hard times and struggles is to know you are not alone. Kids who patch their eyes to treat amblyopia and other vision disorders need to know this one simple thing…they are not alone.”

We love this little kitty and think her optician owner sounds pretty special too!

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