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UK Labradoodles: 5 dog accounts that deserve your attention

Two Labradoodles in bowties look to camera dog-happy
© charlie.and.mila - Instagram

Love Labradoodles? Of course you do, who doesn’t love the adorable fluffballs? Check out the five best of British UK Labradoodles who are lighting up the internet.

By Natasha James

Published on the 18/03/2021, 21:00

A recent poll found that Labradoodles are one of the UK’s favourite dog breeds. That’s why finding five UK ‘doodles has been a doddle.

Check out these fine pups and see if you can find a favourite. Is it…

1. This chocolate dream Labradoodle

Chocolate brown fur. Floofy tail. Melt your heart eyes. Win the Labradoodle has them all. According to his bio, he lives in Cambridgeshire and can often be found frolicking in the snow, dozing on the couch or chewing his toys. We salute you good sir! 

2. These two Camridgeshire Labradoodles

These special pups give you two for the price of one. With their golden fur, dreamy eyes and thoroughly pat-able heads, these little fluff balls need a follow right now.

3. This London Labradoodle

Loki is a truly lovable fur baby residing in London, England. This UK Labradoodle can be found visiting Tower Bridge, playing in parks and generally being a dog about town. He’s also been reading up on what to expect when his new baby human comes home. All the best for your new arrival, pooch.

4. This West Midlands Missy

Margot hails from the mighty Midlands and is a miniature Labradoodle. Judging by her Insta page, she loves snoozes, snacks and snuggles – sounds good to us Margot.

5. This Welsh hero

Ralphy the Welsh Labradoodle lives in South Wales and can be found chasing sticks, visiting the Welsh coast and cautiously saying hello to the local swans. Enjoy your walks little guy.

Managed to choose favourite? No, us neither. We’ll just have to follow them all… 

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