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Cats or dogs? Brand new pet study settles the debate once and for all!

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© Chendongshan - Shutterstock

It's the age-old debate: dogs or cats? Well, a new study has the answer, and it's good news for UK dog owners. But evidence suggests that kitty people could have the last laugh!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 08/03/2021, 17:00

It's official: the UK is a nation of dog lovers! Not exactly breaking news. After all, a stroll around the local park is proof enough that pooches play a huge part in our lives. 

But a recent study by insurance provider Budget Direct uncovered some facts and figures that show dogs are the preferred pet of choice for most Brits. The study analysed data from social media, including the number of Instagram posts mentioning dogs or cats.

The UK is dog country

And the UK was one of 76 countries where dog posts are more popular than those mentioning cats. In towns like Taunton, Chester, and Canterbury, cats didn't even get a look in! 100% of all pets posts were dog posts. The pups also dominated in Liverpool and Leeds.

It's official, the UK is a nation of dog lovers! ©Budget Direct

But it was a close-call in Bristol, where dogs just nosed ahead with 51% of all hashtags and pictures, and there was an even split in Cirencester and Harrogate.

Cats owners have the last laugh

Cats managed to claw back some more respect by claiming London as their own. 56.9% of Instagram pet posts in the UK capital feature felines.

And while dogs may have won the battle, cats can claim the ultimate victory.  Because country for country, the cats come out on top. They're more popular than dogs in 91 countries, including Canada, China, and Russia.

No wonder those felines always look so pleased with themselves. They know who the real winners are!

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