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Man is left fuming after dog receives drastic transformation at groomers

Little dog with pink ribbon in hair dog-wow

Pup before their dramatic makeover


A dog groomer received the brunt of one pet lover's fury after giving his Grandma's beloved pup a rather drastic new look that left the dog looking like Sid from Ice Age.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 06/03/2021, 19:00

Most of us have found ourselves in desperate need of a trip to the salon. As hair salons have remained closed, many of us have had to make do as we are or (gulp) have a go ourselves.

But for one dog owner, instead of getting out her scissors and opting for a DIY cut for her pet pooch, she decided to do the sensible thing and asked her grandson to take her dog to a professional dog groomer. However, it's a decision they soon regretted.

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Dramatic new look

Nothing could have prepared the man for the moment his eyes fell on his grandmother's little canine companion. He thought the dog was going to get a trim. He expected the dog would still look the same dog afterwards. But he was very wrong.

The poor little pup was left looking dramatically different, and the man was left very angry.

He took to Twitter to vent his anger, only to be met with endless jokes about the poor dog's new look. Sharing a before and very different after photo, the man posted, "Count your f****** days petsmart."

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The tweet quickly went viral, racking up 90,000 retweets and 500,000 likes. But while some people were left horrified about the awful doggy haircut, others thought it was hilarious. One person tweeted, "Imagine dropping off your furbaby for a groom only to later pick up Sid from Ice Age! Lord, forgive me for laughing so hard I started wheezing."

However, some people took to Twitter to defend the groomer saying they probably cut the dog's coat so short because the owner had brushed it often enough.

Check out the drastic difference in the before and after photos below:

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