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Labradoodles: 5 you need to follow right this instant

Two Labradoodles sleep on a bed dog-happy
© copper.and.lily - Instagram

Do you love Labradoodles? Of course you do! We’ve scoured the internet for five of the sweetest Labradoodle accounts and they’re all very deserving of a follow.

By Natasha James

Published on the 15/03/2021, 18:00

If you’re craving a Labradoodle fix then we’re about to make you very happy indeed. 

From dogs who double up as actual teddy bears to pups who went all out for Valentine’s Day, these are five of the best Labradoodles the internet has to offer.

1. The Labradoodle who is also a bear

Is it a bear? Is it a Labradoodle? Yes, of course it’s a Labradoodle, we already told you that! But Frankie the Labradoodle, is no ordinary pooch, he also doubles up as a truly adorable teddy bear (even without the bear costume).

2. The Labradoodle who loves car rides

Some dogs hate travelling, some don’t mind it and others, like Larry here, absolutely adore it. Fly like the wind furry friend!

3. The Labradoodle who is all loved up

How was your Valentine’s Day? Were you serenaded and sent flowers, champagne and chocolates? Or did you spend it alone with a ready meal and a glass of water? If it’s the latter then fear not, Marley the doodle is more than happy to be your Valentine.

4. These Labradoodles who are having the best nap

Have you ever seen a cosier looking nap? Follow these two fluff balls for all manner of snuggly sleep pictures.

5. These three Labradoodle pups who are making us dream of summer

With sunnier weather on its way, we’re dreaming of barbeques and days splashing about in the pool. These three are reminding us just how great summer is!


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So, there you have it, five gorgeous pooches to satisfy your Labradoodle cravings.

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