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Rottweiler spots kangaroos during walk, and his reaction stuns his owners

Kangaroos guarding footpath dog-wow
© harper_and_hudson - Instagram

Two dog owners were forced into a detour when they saw kangaroos guarding a footpath in an Australian park. And even their Rottweiler didn’t want to mess with the trio! 

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 07/03/2021, 18:00

The couple, who live in Melbourne, managed to film the massive marsupials while making a careful retreat. They shared the footage on Youtube and TikTok, which also shows how the couple's dogs reacted to the unusual sight. 

And the dogs, a big Husky and a (usually) fearless Rottweiler, look like they were in no mood to challenge the kangaroos over who had the right to walk across the footpath. 

Outnumbered and outsized

But you can't really blame them. They were outnumbered, and some kangaroos are up to eight feet tall on their hind legs. Besides, the protective pooches still kept a watchful eye on the scary-looking gang as they backed off to safety with their humans. 

Kangaroos often stray into suburban areas searching for food, especially after forest fires that can destroy large parts of their natural environment.

You don't mess with the kangaroos

Many people outside of Australia have a romantic image of kangaroos. However, these wild animal aren't as cute as they look.

In 2020, a kangaroo attacked a New South Wales resident after the man caught the animal going through his trash. And last year Kellie Baker filmed a kangaroo 'who looked like he was on steroids' strutting around a neighbourhood in Ngunnawal, Canberra. 

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