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Dog who spent his life chained up finds the perfect way to thank rescuers

Rescue dog hugging shelter staff dog-happy
© adopt_toro_who_hugs - Instagram

Just a simple hug can mean so much, and for rescue dog Toro it was the only thing he could give his rescuers to show just how grateful he was to them for saving him.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 03/03/2021, 20:00

You meet Toro today, and you'll think he's a loving and happy-go-lucky dog. But it wasn't long ago that the adorable pup was living in horrendous conditions. 

Rescuers discovered the five-year-old boy chained up to a fence, living in squalor in an abandoned house. 

Bad beginnings

It appeared that the poor pup had spent all of his life living outside. This explained why, after Toro arrived at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter in New York, he struggled to settle in.

When he arrived at the shelter, Toro was extremely nervous, and it took him quite some time to warm up to his new home. However, over time and with the gentle encouragement of shelter staff, Toro has become more comfortable and settled. But he still seems apprehensive about being at the shelter.

However, despite his obvious anxiety, Toro seems to know he's in a better place now and keen to show his gratitude to his rescuers, with hugs.

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From his very first walk at the shelter, it was clear that Toro had a lot of love to give. Within just 15 minutes of his first walk, he went up to one of the staff, climbed on her lap and pressed himself against her chest. 

But this was only the beginning.

Huggable hound

Soon all of Toro's friends at the shelter began to get the hug treatment. He's so grateful to be somewhere safe and loved that he just wants everyone to know. Whenever he's out of his kennel, the first thing he does is to give the person walking him a big hug. 

Although he was initially adopted, sadly, Toro was returned to the shelter soon afterwards when the adoption didn't work out. 

He's now looking for the perfect forever home that will give him all the love and hugs he deserves. In a bid to help him find a new home, Toro has even been sent up with his own Instagram account, appropriately named Toro (the homeless hugger).

But after a year of waiting for a new home, shelter staff are surprised that such an affectionate dog who loves giving hugs has still not been snapped up. Hopefully, Toro won't have to wait for much longer to find a family he can love and hug as much as he wants.

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