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WATCH: Poodle's reaction to her new haircut is absolutely hilarious

A poodle sitting on the sofa dog-happy
© erisbrooke - Instagram

With hairdressers still closed, you could be forgiven for being willing to take any haircut you could get. This hilarious Poodle would much rather have waited though...

By Natasha James

Published on the 14/03/2021, 18:00, Updated on the 26/03/2021, 16:15

Roxy the dog is a Poodle who knows a thing or two about style. Usually upbeat, energetic and full of life, she was uncharacteristically glum about her latest haircut.

Roxy is generally all too happy for a pamper session at the groomers. She gets fuss, attention and a neat new ‘do.

A haircut with a difference

But, that all changed when owner Erin asked for something out of the norm. Usually, she's is content with a trim to back and chest, as is Roxy.

But, Erin had noticed that Roxy’s ears were getting tangled and needed some extra love so asked for them to be trimmed. The results are hilarious.

A very unimpressed pooch

It seems that Roxy is less than impressed with her new haircut and blames Erin for it. So much so that she won’t even make eye contact with her owner when she comes outside.

Owner Erin filmed the results and uploaded the hilarious video to TikTok. In it, Erin can be heard laughing uncontrollably while miserable Roxy looks out the window.

She says, amidst the tears of laughter

“I’m so sorry. Roxy! Baby!”

But Roxy will not turn around and instead stares stubbornly out of the window!

We’re pretty sure you’ll have your usual cut next time Roxy, don’t worry! And it'll grow out soon...

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