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Lady Gaga’s French Bulldogs stolen after dog walk turns into shooting

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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Lady Gaga is a huge animal lover. Her three French Bulldogs, Koji, Miss Asia, and Gustavo could not have a more spoiled life alongside their beloved mum.

Sadly, Lady Gaga cannot always be with her babies. For example, she recently had to fly to Rome, Italy, to work on a new movie.

She left her fur kids in the care of her trusted 30-year-old dog walker, Ryan Fischer. But last night, tragedy struck.

A vicious shooting in Hollywood

As Ryan walked the three French Bulldogs at 10pm last night, he was approached by two males and shot in the chest four times. Two of Gaga’s dogs were swiftly stolen, and the criminals quickly made a run for it.

When police arrived, Ryan was said to be conscious but barely breathing. He is currently in hospital but not much else is known of his condition.

Lady Gaga’s French Bulldogs stolen

Miss Asia, the only French Bulldog who wasn’t stolen, took fright and ran off. Thankfully, she has since been found by police and was returned to one of Lady Gaga’s bodyguards. Sadly, Koji and Gustavo are still missing. 

Police are unsure whether the dogs were specifically targeted because they were Gaga’s, or whether the thieves simply saw an opportunity and took it. French Bulldogs are one of the most popular dog breeds worldwide, and also one of the most expensive, especially since demand has risen during the Covid pandemic.

We can only hope that the two missing pups are safe and will be found soon! We know their mum must be worried sick.

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