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Woman walks past landfill and makes a shocking discovery

landfill site dog-angry
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Greece's beautiful seaside resort of Loutraki attracts tourists from far and wide. But behind its beauty hides an ugly secret that will shock animal lovers.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 26/02/2021, 20:00, Updated on the 17/03/2021, 09:37

When rescue volunteer Afrodith moved to Loutraki, little did she know that she would soon make a shocking discovery that would forever change her life and that of the countless dogs she'd come to save.

Afrodith's new home was near the huge Loutraki landfill site. Each day as she'd pass the landfill site, she would spot numerous dogs and puppies living on the rubbish dump. The dogs were living in horrendous conditions, so Afrodith decided she would do something about it.

Landfill dogs

When Afrodith investigated the landfill site, she discovered around 130 dogs living next to tons of filthy discarded waste. Many of the dogs were starving and dehydrated, had broken bones and their bodies covered in painful sores. Sadly, Afrodith was too late to save some of the dogs she found.


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Afrodith began trying to care for the dogs, despite receiving no help or support from the local authority. While Greece is home to a booming tourist industry, most tourists don't know that it's also home to an unbelievable 3.5 million stray cats and dogs. These animals aren't given vet treatment or neutered but just left to wander the street, sick and starving. 


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Posted by Εθελοντές για τα ζώα Χωματερής Λουτρακίου on Friday, February 19, 2021

Bleak future

Many puppies are born at the Loutraki landfill site. The few who survive face a desperately bleak future. The dogs have no choice but to drink dirty and contaminated water and scavenge what food they can from the rubbish. 

But while the situation is horrendous, Afrodith refuses to give up on the dogs. She has dedicated her life to doing whatever she can to save as many dogs as possible. The devoted dog lover continues to catch, vaccinate, spay and treat as many dogs as she can fit on the small plot of land she rents.

Unfortunately, there's no more space, so she has no choice but to leave dogs at the landfill site. She has nowhere else to take them.

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Afrodith's dream

Afrodith is desperate to do more for these poor landfill dogs. Her dream is to remove all the dogs from the rubbish dump and find them all loving homes. But to achieve her goal, Afrodith needs a much bigger plot of land and a shelter to house the pups.

She's so far unable to get any support from the local Loutraki authorities, other than four sacks of dry food a week. However, an animal charity in Germany called Never Walk Alone, heard about her plight and regularly sends pallets of dry dog food which has become a lifeline for the animals.

Afrodith is desperate to help these dogs and make sure no more dogs are born on Loutraki landfill or forced to live there.

If you'd like to support Afrodith, visit her Facebook page, where you will also find details of how to donate.

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