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Dogs Trust releases tear-jerking phone calls made by heartbroken owners

Dog behind wire fence at shelter dog-sad
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An animal charity has released recordings of phone calls from owners who have made the painful decision to hand over their pets because of the pandemic.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 25/02/2021, 18:00

The Dogs Trust advert features real recordings of phone calls to its helpline by dog owners who can no longer keep their canine companions. 

The recordings have been shared via a video and radio advert as part of the charity's Change the Tale campaign.

Heartbreaking calls

While the calls are distressing to listen to, they highlight the sheer anguish felt by owners struggling to care for their dog because of the pandemic

The charity is now preparing for a surge in people needing its help after seeing a 41% increase in web traffic to its Giving Up Your Dog page between August 2020 and January compared to the previous six months.

The Dogs Trust's Change the Tale advert features clips of real phone calls made to the charity's helpline from members of the public needing to give up their dog.

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Change the Tale

The UK-wide campaign highlights just some of the reasons people have recently contacted the charity for help.

In one distressing call, a woman explains that she is forced to give up her dog after losing her home and job. Other callers to the helpline blame working longer hours, money problems and house evictions for not being able to care for their pet anymore.

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The Dogs Trust hopes that people will understand the struggles owners may face and that circumstances can change instantly. The charity urges people to Change the Tale for any dogs affected by the pandemic and get support and advice if they don't think they can care for their pet any longer.

Watch the heartbreaking advert below:

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