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Top 5 of the cutest UK French Bulldogs on Instagram

Cute UK French Bulldog dog-happy
© _elpabs - Instagram

Picking the cutest dog breed of all time would be a tough call. But we can think of one beautiful pup that would definitely make the shortlist: the French Bulldog!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 07/03/2021, 21:00

The French Bulldog is a cute, quirky, and playful breed that brings pure joy into our lives. And don't let the word "French" throw you off - there are plenty of UK French Bulldogs on our side of the pond!

So to celebrate this very special pooch, we found 5 of the cutest UK French Bulldogs on Instagram. You're welcome!

1. This French Bulldog demands love


A post shared by Pablo (@_elpabs)

The French Bulldog was born to be a fur baby. Cute, cuddly, and with doleful eyes that scream 'Love Me!,' these adorable snuggle bugs deserve to be spoilt at every opportunity. This handsome fella is loving the attention that comes with being the birthday boy.

2. This Frenchie's cuteness has no limits

Not every French Bulldog loves playing dress up, but the ones who do push the cuteness metre up to new heights. Here's one pup doing her best ET impression!

3. This UK French Bulldog will love you forever

The love you get from a French Bulldog isn't unconditional. But give these pups what they need, and it's definitely endless. Eternal love for a few treats, cuddles and a warm spot on the sofa? What a bargain!

4. This French Bulldog is downright adorable

Whether they're drooling on your pillow, snoring in front of the TV, or letting out stinky air bombs from their backside, you can never, ever, get mad at a French Bulldog. And they know it!

5. Life is just better with this French Bulldog in it

Imagine coming home on to this happy face every day! All those work worries would disappear in an instant!

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