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Miley Cyrus 'head over heels' in love with very hairy new soulmate

Miley Cyrus in red dress dog-happy
© Kathy Hutchins - Shutterstock

Miley Cyrus knows how to grab an audience's attention. But the singer is facing some serious competition for the limelight after adding another furry addition to her family.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 24/02/2021, 18:00

The newest member of the Cyrus pack is Angel - an adorable Pittie that looks as if she really did come from heaven. The former Hannah Montana star chose the name to honour the memory of her late pooch Mary Jane.

Poor Mary Jane went for one last walkies across the rainbow ridge two months ago following a short battle with cancer. 

Miley Cyrus introduces her new Angel

Cyrus introduced Angel to the world via an Instagram post last week. The cute pic showed Miley cuddling up to her three fur babies, with Angel taking centre stage. 


A post shared by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus)

Miley told fans she's head over heels in love with the pup. And, by the looks of it, so is everyone else. The post racked up over 1.3million likes and received thousands of love heart emojis.

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And the celebrity dog-mum got some extra praise from animal welfare charities for adopting a shelter dog rather than going to a breeder. 

Bad owners make bad dogs

Miley also reminded people of the negative stereotypes surrounding Pitbulls, which often stem from a minority of cruel or irresponsible owners.

"It breaks my heart to know Angel was sleeping on concrete in a shelter for three months before finally making it home," posted the star. "The stigma and stereotype that surrounds pit bulls tear me in two. This breed is incomparably loving. Just like humans, nurture often overrides nature."

Miley is famous for her love of animals. In addition to her other two hounds - Emu and Bo - Miley has cared for several dogs over the years. And in 2014 she even adopted a rescue pig called Bubba Sue!

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