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Couple save lost dog from freezing to death, but are now being reported to police

A dog warms up in front of a fire dog-serious
© jeanfrancoiswillem - TikTok

Two heroic doctors have been reported to the police for breaking lockdown restrictions after rescuing an injured dog from the top of a freezing mountain.

By Natasha James

Published on the 23/02/2021, 12:00

Ciara Nolan and Jean Francois Bonnet were out walking on the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland when they spotted a Golden Retriever all alone.

The dog was quite clearly lost and was so cold that she’d lost the ability to walk or make a noise.

Quick-thinking medics

The couple immediately sprang to action, wrapping the dog in their spare clothes and forming a make-shift harness so that they could carry her back down the mountain.

The heroic couple, who are both doctors, took the dog to safety, got her warm and then set about finding her owners.

The dog, who we’ve since learned is called Neesha, belonged to Erina O'Shea Goetelen who had been searching for her for over two weeks and had almost given up hope of finding her again.

All in all, the couple carried out a brave and selfless act.

Alerting the authorities

They filmed the heart-warming rescue and shared to social media site TikTok. The video went viral with most people praising the couple’s actions.

But, amongst the thousands of views and well wishes, it seems that one person didn’t appreciate the altruistic act and instead reported the couple’s actions to the police.

The health care workers were visiting a mental health retreat designed as a getaway for essential workers during the pandemic - but now police are investigating whether they were entitled to be away from home.

Well, we know one pup and her owner who are very glad they were.

Watch the video here:

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