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Meghan Markle still supporting Mayhew despite giving up royal duties a year ago

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She may not be a working royal any longer, but Meghan Markle will continue to be committed to her animal welfare charity's patronage. And The Mayhew is understandably thrilled.

Meghan is well known for her love of dogs. She has previously credited her rescue canine companions, a Beagle called Guy, and a Labrador Retriever named Pula, for helping her through 2020. 

It was a difficult year for the Duchess of Sussex, who not only stepped down from her royal role, but also moved to California, suffered a heartbreaking pregnancy loss, and, of course, had to cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

Supporting animal welfare

But despite no longer being a working royal and stepping back from the charitable work she, along with her husband Prince Harry, undertook for the royal family, the Duchess continues to be the Patron of The Mayhew.


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Since she was granted the London-based animal welfare charity's patronage, Meghan has passionately supported the organisation, raising awareness of its work and even making her own personal donations.

Find out everything you need to know about adopting a rescue dog.

Whether or not it's an official role, Meghan is keen to continue supporting The Mayhew. 

For the love of dogs

It's not surprising that Meghan is keen to continue her support to The Mayhew. While a big dog lover herself, the Duchess has been eager to praise dogs for how they have continued to help their owners cope through many challenging moments in her life.

The couple's own pups, both rescue dogs, are considered important family members. In fact, the duo were even mentioned in the Oprah interview, as Harry said: "Our life is great now. We've got a beautiful house. We've got a - I've got a beautiful family, the dogs are really happy."

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