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Labradoodles: 6 reasons why you need one in your life

Labradoodle dog-happy
© gaston_the_mini_labradoodle - Instagram

Labradoodles have it all! They're cute, well-natured, and love snuggling with their favourite humans. So here are 6 reasons why you need a Labradoodle in your life.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 03/03/2021, 21:00

Labradoodles are the world's most popular "designer dog" and for good reason. They're simply amazing - both in looks and in personality!

But are Labradoodles really the right dog for you? Here are 6 reasons why we think they might just be:

1. Labradoodles are the cutest

Everybody thinks their dog is the cutest - and so they should. But owning a Labradoodle gives you an extra bit of confidence that your pup really is the prettiest pooch in the dog park. 

2. With a doodle, every day is an adventure 

When you're a Labradoodle, everything is awesome. Lively, energetic, and always keen to make new friends, Labradoodles embody the YOLO spirit. And it rubs off on anyone lucky enough to have one!

3. Labradoodles give the best cuddles

These adorable little furballs are serious snuggle bugs. They're always up for a stroke, ear scratch, or belly tickle. 

4. You get the best hello - every time!

It doesn't matter if you've popped to the supermarket or been stuck at the office till late, these loyal and loving dogs are always - and we mean always - happy to see you. One look at their wagging tails and eager eyes makes all your work worries disappear. 

5. Labradoodles have both brains and beauty

Mix breeds can throw up some surprises. But, generally speaking, Labradoodles have the intelligence of a Poodle and the Labrador's gentle temperament. It makes them very receptive to obedience training and smart enough to pull off some impressive tricks.

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6. You'll be in good company 

Jennifer Anniston, Joe Biden, and Richard Hammond have all owned one. And some of these photogenic pooches don't need a celebrity dog-parent to attract the spotlight. Gaston the mini Labradoodle is the latest dog enjoying Insta fame. He has 15k followers and endorsement deals with several dog food companies!