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Owner loses Labradoodle – and can't believe where he turns up

Black dog camouflaged by black bed dog-wow
© Jessica Blankenship - Twitter

If you’ve ever had the heart stopping moment when you realise your dog isn’t where you left them, you’ll understand this owner’s pain. But she needn’t have worried…

By Natasha James

Published on the 18/02/2021, 20:00

Jessica Blankenship, from San Francisco is the proud owner of an adorable, three-month-old black Labradoodle puppy named Super Hans.

She recently had a bit of a scare when she looked across to his bed only to realise he wasn’t there…or was he?

Spot the dog

The funny pup, who is covered in shaggy, black fur from tail to nose, was simply snoozing soundly. But, he was so well camouflaged on his equally shaggy black bed that she genuinely couldn’t see him.

Jessica took to Twitter and shared the “spot the pup” snap with the caption: 

“No joke, I just spent 20 seconds looking around the room for him.”

Thankfully, the pop of colour from his collar and the different texture of his shiny, wet nose meant she didn’t resort to calling the pet detectives!

Magically disappearing Labradoodle

And, this isn’t the only time the pup has disappeared. Jessica has also shared snaps of the pup blending into towels and in different positions on his bed.

We’d advise getting a very sparkly collar for the pup – our hearts couldn’t take losing our dog every five minutes!

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