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6 Cocker Spaniel puppies that will make your day

Cocker Spaniel puppy sleeps in a human hand dog-happy
© Sergius4 - Shutterstock

We’re into week 9,378 of lockdown (or at least that's what it feels like...) so here are six fabulous Cocker Spaniel puppies guaranteed to make you smile.

By Natasha James

Published on the 21/02/2021, 19:00

Ah, Cocker Spaniels, is there a happier breed? These playful, intelligent pups are the best antidote to lockdown blues. 

We’ve trawled the net and found six of our favourites – get ready to fall in love...

1. This Cocker Spaniel pup who will fit in the palm of your hand


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What better use for our hands is there than holding teeny, tiny Cocker pups?

2. This Cocker girl who’s found her perfect light


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It’s not always easy to find the perfect sunny spot for having your photo taken. Unless you’re this girl of course and then you find it without even looking.

3. This Cocker Spaniel who does the perfect impression of Donkey

This little pup wanted to make you smile and so has learnt how to do impressions. He hopes you like it.

4. These three serious Spaniel pups who are happy, whatever you say

Inside they’re wagging their tails and chasing sticks, it’s just this photo where they look super serious!

5. This Cocker Spaniel puppy who’d like you to appreciate her haircut, please

You look very dashing little one.

6. This Cocker puppy who ain’t afraid of no snow

Come rain or snow, this pup will be out there in her stylish attire making the inclement weather look like no big deal.

Thinking of getting a Cocker Spaniel cross

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