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Queen leans on last remaining dog for comfort as Prince Philip taken to hospital

queen elisabeth with corgi dog-sad
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Prince Philip, aged 99, was taken to hospital on Tuesday evening after feeling unwell. The Queen, 94, has stayed at Windsor with her last remaining Dorgi, Candy.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 17/02/2021, 16:40

According to the BBC, the Prince is not suffering from Coronavirus and is in good spirits. He was transported by car to the hospital and was admitted following his doctor’s advice. Palace Spokespeople have insisted that this was not an emergency admission.

The Queen is staying at her Windsor residence where she and the Prince have been isolating with their “HMS Bubble” since March 2020. Though they both received their first dose of the vaccine last month, they continue to be ever-so cautious of the virus.

Candy the Dorgi comforts the Queen

Thankfully, the Queen is not alone. In addition to the Palace staff, she is also being kept company by her Dachshund/Corgi cross, Candy. Candy is the result of a cross between one of Princess Margaret’s dogs and one of the Queen’s late Corgis. She has been at the Queen’s side for several years. She is pictured below on the bottom right.

Sadly, Candy is the only dog that the Queen has left. Vulcan, her other Dorgi, passed away early in December. 

Dogs are mood-boosters

If there’s one thing we know and love about dogs though, it’s that they always know how to make us feel better when we’re down. We know the Queen is in good company while she waits for Prince Philip to return. 

We wish him a quick recovery!

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