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The French Bulldog: 6 things you should know about the Frenchie before adopting

French Bulldog dog-happy
© Alexandru Sofronie - Unsplash

French Bulldogs are known for their smushy faces, bat-like ears and fun personalities. But there is much more to the Frenchie, and some facts may even surprise you.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 19/02/2021, 19:00

The French Bulldog is the UK's most popular dog breed. But if you've been fortunate to own a Frenchie yourself or admired them from afar, this probably won't surprise you. These pint-size pups are packed with cuteness only to be matched by their irresistible personalities.

If you are thinking about adopting a French Bulldog, it's important to know that there's much more to the Frenchie than their adorable little faces. Here are six facts about the French Bulldog that every prospective pup parent should know.

1. The French Bulldog has trouble breathing

All French Bulldogs suffer from brachycephalic related problems due to their short nose and flat face. This can cause them to have trouble breathing and be unable to regulate their temperature. 

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2. The French Bulldog is great with kids

French Bulldogs make wonderful companions, and their behaviour towards children is particularly fantastic. The Frenchie is one of the best-natured dog breeds, especially when it comes to children, which is why they are so popular with families.

3. The French Bulldog can't give birth naturally

It's very rare for a Frenchie to give birth naturally. The combination of the large puppies' heads and the mother's narrow hips makes a caesarean section delivery the safest option.

4. The French Bulldog doesn't need much exercise

French Bulldogs don't need much exercise. A brisk walk will be enough to keep them happy and in shape.

5. The French Bulldog farts a lot

Due to their flat faces, French Bulldogs are prone to swallowing lots of air when they eat. Frenchies also tend to eat fast, which only makes the problem worse. If they are overweight or their digestive system can't tolerate certain foods, this can also cause them to have chronic wind.

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6. The French Bulldog snores

Frenchies are prone to snoring because of their short noses and flat faces. Some French Bulldogs will even snort and snore loudly when they are awake!

How many of these Frenchie facts did you know?