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This is how your pet sees your home – and it’s not what you’d expect!

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Ever wondered if your pet sees the same things that you do? A fascinating report has revealed that our furry friends see our homes very differently to us.

By Natasha James

Published on the 18/02/2021, 18:00

When you come home from a particularly cold and wet walk with Fido, it’s easy to assume that that warm fire and comfy sofa look exactly the same to each of you but recent research has revealed that that’s not the case.

Website HomeAdvisor has taken an in-depth look into how pets view the homes they live in and the results are very interesting.

How your dog sees your home

The myth that dogs see in black and white isn’t true but they do have different colour perception to us.

Dogs don’t see red in the way that we do and instead see muted colour combinations of blue and yellow. Life might be pretty and pastel to your pooch!

Human vision: How we, humans see... ©HomeAdvisor
Dog vision: How our dogs see... ©HomeAdvisor

They tend to use their sense of smell and memory for getting around, which is why that room change around was so confusing to them...

How your cat sees your home

Cats are different again. They have a wider field of vision than us and see slightly more colour than a dog but still less than humans.

They also have great night vision so probably saw the cat toy you slipped on before you did!

Human Vision: How we see... ©HomeAdvisor
Cat vision: How our cats see... ©HomeAdvisor

The report goes on to say that goldfish see more than we do, tarantulas use the hairs on their legs to “see” and parrots see the world in a pretty shade of purple – fascinating stuff!

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