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Dr Jill Biden has one strict rule for White House dogs Champ and Major

President Biden with dogs dog-happy
© champandmajorbidennofficial - Instagram

Living in the White House is an honour few dogs could ever dream of, which is why lucky pups Champ and Major Biden have to stick to this one rule!

By Natasha James

Published on the 12/02/2021, 09:30

Champ and Major Biden may well be the most famous dogs on the planet right now. 

The German Shepherd pups are undoubtedly photogenic but we love getting a glimpse into their character and daily lives too!

Dr. Biden's orders

In a recent interview with People Magazine, Dr. Jill Biden has revealed the one rule that she insists upon from the pups: they’re not to get on the furniture.

So, when the President and the Dr are relaxing and watching TV in the evenings, we know the pups are lounging on the floor at their feet rather than on the sofa by their side.

There is one exception to the rule though, and when the Grandchildren come to stay, the pups are allowed to sleep on the bed!

Well-trained White House pups

Champ was trained by the Canine Corps and according to the President, “thinks he’s secret service” so has little problem obeying orders. Rescue dog Major, on the other hand, is a little more rambunctious and may try to test the limits from time to time.

Thankfully for the pups, there’s plenty of space in the White House Gardens for them to release any excess energy.

We hope you’re enjoying life in your new home pups!

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