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Watch: The way this tortoiseshell cat treats her doggy brother is unbelievable

Tortoiseshell cat and dog dog-cat-happy
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There are some things you come across online that just warm your heart and this latest Reddit video of a cat grooming her doggy friend is guaranteed to do just that.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 26/02/2021, 21:00

The idea that cats and dogs are mortal enemies is a myth that has been passed down through the ages and fuelled by numerous films and cartoons. 

But anyone lucky enough to own a dog and a cat knows that felines and canines often become the best of friends.

Pawfect pals

One Reddit user knows only too well just how strong the bond can be between cat and dog and fortunately, they captured it on video for us all to see.

The clip shows the dog lying on a bed with his eyes closed, appearing to be fast asleep. Curled up on top of him is a very pretty tortoiseshell cat who is not just wide awake, but intent on giving her doggy friend a thorough clean.

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Naptime bath

As the dog naps, the little cat gently licks his face, occasionally pausing to rub her face against the side of the dog's face. She continues to groom the dog’s face and even rests her paw on his face so she can be in a good position to give his ear a deep clean.

All the time he’s being washed and groomed, the dog doesn’t stir and appears to be entirely relaxed as his feline friend makes sure she doesn’t miss a spot!

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