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Owner forced to take drastic action after dog walk goes horribly wrong

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A pair of dognappers picked the wrong owner to mess with. Because this dog dad is an amateur boxer who used his skills to fight off the would-be pooch thieves.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 12/02/2021, 18:00

James Cosens, a 29-year-old pub landlord from Llanelli, Wales, was walking his dog Rosie through a nearby nature reserve when two men threatened the pair. 

One of the men picked up Border Collie Rose and said: "I am taking your dog. If you try to take her back, I will stab you."

James wasn't an easy target

But it didn't end well for the dognappers. Because when he isn't minding the pub or taking care of Rosie, James is a keen amateur boxer. So James used his experience in the ring to fight off the attackers. 

"They saw a young pup and thought it's worth the risk to have a go and take her," said Mr Cosens in an interview with the BBC. "I think they're probably more used to targeting the vulnerable - the elderly, children maybe."

Hey everyone, Thank you to those that shared my post regarding the attempted theft of my dog during our walk in Bynea...

Posted by James Cosens on Tuesday, February 9, 2021

James spoke to the local police, and officers are now investigating. Police released a statement describing one attacker as a 6ft tall male in his 40s, wearing a dark blue puffer jacket. The other man was around 5ft 6in tall and in his early 20s.

Incidents like this are extremely rare. However, there has been a worrying rise in dognapping cases during the lockdown. Some criminals have even disguised themselves as RSPCA officers to trick owners into handing over pets.

Harsher punishments for pet thieves

Dr Jane Tyson of the RSPCA has reminded the public that RSPCA personel will "always wear an identity badge and branded uniform." She's also advising owners never to leave dogs unattended and to secure front and back gardens.

And MPs are considering making pet theft a specific offence that carries a custodial sentence.

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