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Want revenge on your ex? Get in touch with this cat shelter

Cat using litter tray with names written on it cat-wow
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If a bad breakup makes you dread Valentines Day this year, then a U.S. animal shelter is offering the purrfect or even poofect way to get your revenge on your ex.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 10/02/2021, 20:00

When you've come out of a bad relationship, Valentines Day can fill you with dread. As you think about all the ways your ex-partner did you wrong, have you ever considered getting your revenge?

The Lexington Humane Society may not be able to mend your broken heart or exert direct revenge on your ex. However, they are offering to do something that will certainly put a smile on your face.

Not-so-sweet revenge

The animal shelter in Kentucky is currently accepting $10 donations from anyone who wants to have their exes dragged through the mud, or should that be cat poop.

Once you've made your donation, your ex-partner's name is put on a cat litter box which the shelter cats use for their toilet. 

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In a post about their special Valentine's promotion on Facebook, the animal shelter said their cats would be very happy to take a number two on people's former number one. The shelter also shared an image of a cat using a litter tray covered in people's names.

Feline vengeance 

So far, the shelter has received $1,035 in donations after their post got hundreds of likes and shares. And it's not just people's own exes that have been requested but those of friends and relatives too. 

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Anyone who wants the cats to poop all over their exes' name in exchange for a $10 donation should send a direct message to the shelter's Facebook page. The offer ends at 1 pm on 12 February (U.S. time). However, the cats will merrily continue to go to the toilet on the names of people's exes until 15 February.