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Border Collie and sheep face off, but things don't go as you'd expect

Sheep chasing dog dog-wow
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Border Collie Mist hasn't quite got the hang of being a sheepdog. Firstly, her best friend is an actual sheep called Hope. And during playtime, it's Hope who does the chasing!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 13/02/2021, 19:00

On paper, Hope and Mist are natural rivals. Hope is a fluffy sheep, and Mist is a sheepdog with an instinct for chasing and herding. But fate brought this unlikely pair together, and now they're living proof that true friendship can overcome any barrier. 

Mist and Hope live the perfect life with their humans in Hexam, an idyllic country village near Durham. Fur parents Ronnie and Phillipa Ingledew have raised six-year-old Mist since she was a pup, although Hope is a more recent arrival. 

A lost lamb at the door

Hope turned up at the Ingledew's country house back in April. She was scared, cold, and severely underweight. So the kind couple took her in, feeding the lost lamb by hand until she regained her strength. 

Phillipa then introduced Hope to the family's other sheep, Boots, but the new arrival seemed more interested in making friends with Mist. Since then, the pair have been practically inseparable. And they often keep the rest of the family entertained with their hilarious antics. 

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Ronnie recently filmed one of their play sessions, and it looks like Mist and Hope might be having a bit of an identity crisis. The short clip, watched by more than 140k people on social media, shows Hope the sheep chasing Mist the sheepdog.

An unlikely pair of BFFs

"I think Mist has got the wrong idea," said Ronnie. "She's the one who's meant to be rounding up Hope. And we reckon Hope thinks she's a dog. She even follows you down the road when you go for a walk."

Sheep? Sheepdog? Who cares? They're just labels. Mist and Hope are happy and having tonnes of fun every day. And that's the only thing that really matters.