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Man spends night in jail instead of giving up dog: Would you do the same?

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Would you give up your dog to keep a former employer happy? Barry Myrick from NYC is currently in the battle of his life to keep his beloved dog, Roxy.

By Natasha James

Published on the 05/02/2021, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:23

When you get a job that comes with a company car, you fully expect to give that vehicle back when you leave. But, what if the company property isn’t a car but a dog? A happy, loving Pitbull named Roxy who has been part of your family and not left your side for the last four years?

That’s exactly the situation Barry Myrick is currently in and he’s doing everything he can to keep his pup.

A working dog

The New York pest controller began work for M&M Environmental four years ago. At this time he was given a “bug sniffing dog” to help him with his work.

The Pitbull named Roxy, went home to live with Barry and his wife Joanna and very quickly became part of the family. Roxy would help Barry with his work but she’d also curl up in front of the TV, play fetch and visit the dog park with the couple and their other dogs.

The best of friends

Barry describes Roxy as his best friend, and we understand how much a pet can become part of the family.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, like many companies M&M Environmental were affected. Barry lost his job but was offered an alternative position on the provision that he’d hand his dog Roxy back to the company.

Fight for Roxy

Barry refused and chose to face unemployment rather than give up Roxy. He has since been in a long legal battle with his former employer which even saw him spend a night in jail rather than give up his beloved dog.


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Check out Roxy's Instagram page for more info. We’re wishing for a happy outcome for all of them!

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