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No-one was expecting what happened after this Labrador spotted a huge puddle

Happy Labrador sees puddle dog-happy
© stevie_the_wonderdog - Instagram

We know that Labs love water, even puddles in the back garden, but this pup's reaction is something else! Watch this adorable video and we dare you not to smile.

By Natasha James

Published on the 02/03/2021, 21:00

We love dogs, we make no secret of that fact but every so often a video comes along that reminds us just how magical our four-legged friends really are.

This footage of Stevie is one such video!

Slowly does it

The video shows young Stevie approaching a puddle. He takes it slowly to begin with but by the time he reaches the water, he simply cannot contain his joy!

The caption over the top of the video explains that Stevie has Cerebellar hypoplasia, a developmental disorder whereby, the dog's cerebellum has not developed sufficiently.

The condition is not painful for Stevie, it just makes it a little harder for him to get around.

Cerebellar hypoplasia in dogs

Dogs with the condition exhibit symptoms ranging from decreased muscle tone, tremors in the limbs, and wobbling to an inability to control movement. The disorder is permanent and cannot be cured, but Stevie seems very happy with his lot in life, especially now he’s spotted that puddle.

The gorgeous Labrador has his own Instagram page with a whopping 173,000 followers. It seems that his happy, can-do attitude, despite his limitations, have made him very popular.

We can all take a leaf out of your book, Stevie! Happy splashing!

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