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Dog's reaction to toddler's passing has the whole family in tears

Black dog sitting on gravestone dog-sad
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The bond between owner and dog can sometimes be so strong that not even death can break it. Mino has been proving this every day for the last three years.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 07/02/2021, 18:00

The now four-year-old dog Mino was adopted when she was just a puppy by a family in Long An province in southern Vietnam. The pup grew into a loveable and loyal canine companion.

Mino soon formed a bond with one of the family's grandchildren, a toddler called Khet, and the pair became inseparable.


Mino had only been living with the family for a year when tragedy struck. Khet had managed to get out of the house without anyone noticing. The little boy ran across the road to the river opposite. Tragically, Khet fell into the canal, and by the time people found him, it was too late to save him. The little boy had drowned.

Everyone was left devastated, especially Mino.

Graveside vigil

Following Vietnamese custom, the family buried Khet in a grave near the family home. While the family struggled to move on from the tragedy, Mino refused to accept the bond she had with Khet was gone. 

Three days after Khet was buried, Mino visited the little boy's grave and has kept a vigil there every day for the last three years. Whether or not Mino understands that her friend is buried beneath the stone tomb, she certainly seems to feel drawn to that spot.

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In a heartbreaking clip posted online, Mino is seen sitting quietly on the gravestone, keeping guard over her former playmate's resting place. Check out the clip below:

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